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Colleges of animation- Make the right move and step in the creative world!

Animation is one of the most advanced technological ability that allows you to follow you creative instincts and come up with 2d/3d artwork sequenced in such a pattern that it appears to be in motion. Study of animation includes character animation, chuckimation, multi-sketching, special effect animation, animatronics, and stop motion.

If you consider yourself as someone who is creative enough and wants to pursue a career based on your creativity, then animation could be possibly the best choice for you. It is one such field that lets you freely flow with your innovation and come up with absolutely new and dynamic ideas that can revolutionize the world of publishing and entertainment.

To become an animator, the first thing you need to do is, find one such college that offers finest animation studies to students. Remember, selecting the right college will have a great impact on you efficiency as an animator. Two points that you must keep in mind while making a choice are; the college must be renowned for its studies and not only for its campus: since animation is one of the most technological fields, the college must have the most advanced systems and other technical requirements. Apart from these two points, while exploring the list of colleges of animation, do not forget to go through the testimonials of the old students. Those testimonials will be very helpful for you, as it will let you know about what do, people who have studied there, think of their overall experience with the college. Were they satisfied with the studies and what are they up to now. Once you go through the testimonials of a college, you will be pretty much aware of what that particular college is up to.

There are hundreds of colleges of animation in America. Each of those colleges boasts of their expertise in the field and claim to be one of the best colleges of animation in the country. But not many of those colleges are known for their quality of studies and deep know-how in the field. Actually, there are few colleges that provide insufficient knowledge about the subject to their students, while there are others that do not even have experienced faculty members in the college. If somehow you get trapped in one such college, you may end up being someone, you barely call an animator.

So, what to do?

Well, don’t worry! We’re here to help candidates like you to select the best college for yourself and pursue your dreams. On this website, we have compiled a well researched database of the best colleges of animation from different locations in America. Each of these colleges are reputed and well known for the high quality of studies.

Since, we known how important is it for students to choose the right colleges, we have made sure that not even a single college in our list compromises with the quality of education. Hence you can blindly have faith in our database and explore this wide ranging list of colleges of animation from different parts of the country and select one as per your geographical preferences.

Once you are done with the process of college selection, you can go ahead and choose a suitable course for yourself. You can either choose to get yourself enrolled in a degree program in animation, or else get started with a particular branch of animation. The most popular animation courses are- 3-D modeling course, character designing, diploma in clay animation and diploma in special effect.

Select an appropriate program for yourself and apply for admission in the college, you have selected to give shape to your creativity.

Career In Animation
You can actually choose to be who you want to be as an animator, having pursued perfect course from any of the renowned colleges of animation. You can either get into gaming business, publishing, entertainment, or become a motion artist, graphic designer, special effect artist, or a character animator. It is all up to you. If we talk about the pay scale of an animator, then you may get surprised to know that as per the survey conducted by last year, the average pay of an animator varies from $38,954 to $66, 006.

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